Virtue Ice Cream will have more than just your taste buds dancing with glee… it will feed your very soul!

Why ‘Virtue’? Because it stands for goodness, integrity and purity – all qualities of our vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, locally-sourced, frozen coconut-milk dessert.

The inspiration for Virtue Ice Cream struck me while enjoying an ice-cream piña colada on the beach in Mozambique, with family. My vegan sister-in-law was chatting with my lactose-intolerant brother about their son, who also suffers from allergies. As we lamented the sad lack of options available to them, I realised that EVERYONE deserves to indulge their sweet tooth, without being restricted by lifestyle choices or allergies.

With a background in ice-cream and determination to find a solution, I researched alternatives and formulated my first coconut-milk dessert.  Friends and family quickly became honoured taste testers as I refined the recipe and tried new flavours.

It is with delight that my team and I bring you Virtue Vegan Ice Cream. It offers that delicious melt-in-the-mouth pleasure without any of the vices of standard ice cream so you can feel 100% virtuous every time you indulge!

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